Worth seeing: This.

Talk about your Baudrilliardian conceptions of reality.

Probably my new favorite video on the internet. Philosphically interesting (for the reality-layerings) visually complex and interesting, strangely rhythmic.



Something to look forward to

I've often thought that getting old is underrated.

It's a vicious cycle - people think getting old makes one boring, so they don't prepare for it, so when they are old they are boring.

Me? I think one of the things to look forward to when I get old is looking even more badass.

As evidence, I submit this photo shoot from empire magazine.

Who would you rather have holding that gun on you? Edward the emopire, or Clint Eastwood?

I'd be more scared of Morgan Freeman holding that axe than Christian Bale.

Mel Gibson looks crazier now than he did when he played Wallace.

Also, for anyone interested in older people being badass, I suggest the film "Bad Day at Black Rock"