Making a Scientific Movie

So, I've been thinking about how un-scientific movies tend to be. From the documentaries purporting to be scientific, but only providing simplistic sound bites, to the dramatic movies which flagrantly violate science and academia for all too often pitiful dramatic purposes. So I've been thinking about how I could make a movie about science. Perhaps even worse yet, film tends to move towards supernaturalism (probably because it looks cool) and, like the Poltergeist, lead us to believe that the best thing to do is trust a short southern woman with big glasses.

First off, the myth of the sound bite. I don't think they are as bad as people say they are. Sound bites done right can really do a good job of explaining complex ideas - or they can do a crappy job. That should be no surprise, as it shouldn't be a surprise that there tend to be more bad sound bites than good ones. Pick any media/form of information you like and my money is on finding more crap than really good stuff. Besides that, in film, you have the visual element, which, when used properly, can contribute tremendous amounts of information quickly, and a very comprehensible way.

So I'm thinking about how I could make it interesting... hmmm... Because science, above all else, takes TIME.

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Anonymous said...

Check out "What the Bleep Do We Know?". At times, it veers off into some weird, unnecessary territory, but it does provide some very good explanations of various elements of quantum theory.