The manifesto I wish I could write

I live in a nation without borders.
I live in a nation whose stock never fails.
For my nation invests in information, in wisdom, and knowledge - and though they may fail, for they are human, they are never less valuable.
I live in a kingdom of information
Stretching around the world
In this kingdom, there is no single king.
There are many kings, and they are mostly symbolic.
Symbolic, but personal, rather than powerful, yet distant.
They are the best sort of kings.
There are many rulers, but none of them rules, only advises, for each man has dedicated himself to this - knowledge and wisdom, these are worthwhile beyond gold. They are also capable of a socialism beyond the wildest dreams of the most fervent Marxist.
They gain value as they are shared.
In fact, that may be their only value.

It is partly true, but I so wish it were more true.
I wish I lived in a nation without cowboy leaders.
A nation whose politicians dedicated themselves-
not to hope, not to nation, not to party, not even to people,
but to love, and, because of love, wisdom
because love without wisdom
is a foolish, dangerous love
and hardly love at all.

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