Ron Paul? A modern Triptych: Creative mind seeks skilled hands.

I wish I had skilled artist friends with few ideas - because I have a swarm of ideas but very unskilled hands. Somehow, of course, I suspect that this is a widespread problem - everyone has ideas. Ideas are easy. Skill is difficult. At least, that's the way it seems to me. Anyway, here's my idea for a representation of what a lot of people are feeling after the election. If anyone with skilled hands wants to paint it, put it on deviantart or anything like that, please do, just give me credit. Call it a community work.

A triptych is a three-panel painting, by the way, and is usually found in ancient churches, often behind or in front of the altar.

The first (left) panel would be labeled "Democrat" and would feature a young man, a very city-styled young man, visiting his family. He sits on a couch toward the background of the picture, and has an ironic look of pain and relief on his face. In the foreground, but only half-in-focus are either his family, or the remains of their campaign. They are clearly Republican. It's unclear whether they know which way he voted. He's the sort that might have voted Republican under other circumstances.

The second (right) panel would be labeled "Republican" and would feature much the same irony - this time probably a middle-or-older-middle aged man, in a teacher's lounge or place of business, his co-workers obviously rejoicing over Obama's victory. He is very clearly a family man, and no fool or caricature, just a man who cares about certain things (like abortion) enough that he felt it necessary to vote for the Republican ticket. Perhaps there's a wedding ring on his finger. Perhaps he's clearly a military veteran. Perhaps he even holds his infant son or grandson. Something like that.

In the middle panel, a man of somewhat indecipherable age would hold over his head a sign saying "RON PAUL." There is a mixed look of hope and despair on his face, like that on the face of Charlie Chaplin at the end of City Lights. He's trying to hold on, and he's happy to be holding on to his passion, but he feels disappointed.

At least, that's the idea. Who knows.

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