The first of a series

Today, I begin the first post in what I hope will be a productive series. I want to write about something I have found particularly close to home, close to my experience, and interesting. Hurray, it's showing up here too (hey, it's important, and especially important to how we perceive information) it's the evolution debate.

To give a little background: I grew up in a conservative Christian home, my father was a pastor, and I still hold strongly to the faith of my youth. I believe in God, and the teachings of the protestant Bible, though my interpretation of the Bible may differ somewhat from your common Christian. I went to a private Liberal Arts college, at which there was, shall we say, an uncommon focus on this debate, and one which was rather one-sided. Doing more research myself, I have begun to doubt the common Christian arguments, have almost whole-heartedly rejected the "no-information-added" argument, and am currently working through a number of other issues. My very half-baked conclusions will be ignorantly and, perhaps, immodestly, displayed in this series.

To sum up: I wish I had all the time in the world to research everything.

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