Just Watched: Thank you for Smoking

Sometimes I think the main point of America is a giant competition for bullshit artists.


dstromberg said...

Calling them "artists" gives most of them too much credit. While I would certainly apply that label to a handful of the best, most are worthless peons who should stop breathing to help slow the Global Warming they like to yell about so often.

John Jones said...

Funny. On a related note, the second season of 'Mad Men' has just started.

Wallis said...

Jeepers, It's John Jones! I read your blog!

Sorry, uncontrollable outburst of surprise/emotion/whatever (I need a new word for that). As you might have been able to tell, you're the first person I don't know in "real" life that's posted on my blog... and oddly enough, I read your blog.