More Movies: Watchmen as Steampunk

There is a lot that can be said about the upcoming Watchmen film.

I can express my disappointment with 300, both as a graphic novel and even more as a film.

Which makes me worried about Watchmen even more.

But for now, I'll let my hopes rise again, because the trailer has its moments - given, I'm very worried about the actors not being actually able to be three dimensional superheroes.

But what does encourage me is:

1. If Snyder actually has a hand in the trailer, he seems to understand the importance of the Mars sequence, which shows that he actually has sympathy with the character, not just the visual, because that scene is so important not just in a visual way.

2. Snyder's visuals seem to show an interesting understanding of the idea that Watchmen may be steampunk. After all Dr. Manhattan is a watchmaker, in case you didn't notice, and he always has a fascination with the world as a machine, run principally by intricate mechanistic works. So many scenes from Watchmen are about taking things apart - guns, people, watches, and putting them back together, and the layering seems much more steampunk than cyberpunk, because the idea of cyberpunk is more interested in wires than gears, in the invisible movement and energy of wires, with the clean, smooth, plastic exterior. In Watchmen, little is smooth, little is invisible, in fact, the whole thing may be more smooth on the inside than the outside.

And that I find interesting.

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Aaron Brown said...

I saw it recently. I googled "steampunk watchmen" and your post came up.

I didn't read the graphic novel, my fiance did. However I certainly saw some steampunk references in there. I think the big clock structure that Dr. Manhattan rides is symbolic of the physical, viseral, and multi-dimensional nature of existence. I liked your post.