First: Well done.

I would like to start this series on creationism (ahem, excuse me, intelligent design) / evolution by congratulating both sides. I do believe this is a sadly ignored tactic, but I hope it will become more popular. I would like to congratulate both sides for not killing each other.
Looking at human debates over a broad view of history, it seems clear that this is a rare, nearly unique state of affairs. Institutions of power and influence seem to act somewhat like Bruce Lee. He famously said "Be water. When your enemy expands, contract, when he contracts, expand." When science doesn't have an explanation, religion often has filled in, and when science arrives at explanations or conclusions, religion has often contracted. Of course, neither side likes the contracting part, but it does happen. When it happens, there is often blood shed, books burnt, presses seized, and thinkers imprisoned. Religious and Secular texts and historians agree upon this history, from the first thinkers and dissenters until today.
To my extreme joy, I do not know of one case in the past twenty years in which either proponent of Intelligent Design or Evolution has been killed, had his books burnt, truly censured (not merely rejected for publication) or imprisoned. No matter what either side may accuse the other of, there can be no doubt that it could be much worse.

For this, I congratulate both sides. Well done. Thank you. Thank you for not killing each other. It makes my life so much more pleasant.


Anonymous said...

I am outraged at your expressions of freedom of thought! I refuse to accept your positions on this topic. I will personally see to the organization of the burning of this blog!

Wallis said...

Now you've gone and indulged in a private joke on a public forum... and I was hoping actual anonymous readership someday...